Virmat L: 3d Pre Seeded Geomat


Lighter and thinner for every surface

VIRESCO® Sator è un prodotto creato per la protezione delle superfici di pendii e l’inerbimento degli stessi, in modo facile, efficace, economico.

VIRMAT is a product designed for the erosion control of very steep scarps subjected to superficial detachment events, dry scarps, scarps composed of loose or friable soil and waterway banks and beds,

VIRMAT L on the other hand, is particularly appreciated for the protection of scarps, the steep ones too and the ones subjected to frequent and extreme rains.
virmat L
Sunlit slopes and slopes composed of impoverished soil, pond banks and the banks of irrigation and drainage canals are also suitable to be protected by VIRMAT L.

To sum things up, while VIRMAT is thicker, VIRMAT L features the following characteristics?

  • the colour is green as VIRESCO and therefore shows a pleasant aesthetic result
  • it is lighter
  • it is thinner
  • it is less bulky
  • it shows a better manageability which ensures a quicker laying procedure
  • being more elastic it also adapts better to the soil conformation
  • it is less tough and the tensile strength is slightly lower
  • and it is less expensive

VIRMAT geomats can keep an useful layer of soil on the upper part which eventually makes the germination of the seeds embedded in the VIRESCO® bio-textile much easier.

VIRESCO is attached to the geomat and when is placed on the soil it guarantees the grass covering even when the conditions are particularly difficult because of the water shortage, the inclination, the substrate quality, the daytime lighting and the thermal stresses.


The use of pre-seeded geomats and therefore the need for a vegetation well settled and developed is so important that the plants show the ability to:

  • obstruct the surface erosion
  • improve the soil quality
  • slow down either the waterway water flows and the rainfall water flows
  • reduce any bank and embankment profile deformation
  • improve the landscape appearance
  • reduce the number of dust particles while improving the quality of the air

The traditional three-dimensional geomats, which are not pre-seeded, can achieve all these results only if the seeds are scattered under the geomats before they are laid down or if the seeds are scattered above them after the laying procedure, or, eventually, if you perform a hydroseeding.

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Thanks to the VIRMAT and VIRMAT L exclusive features, it all comes easy in a single operational phase, very effective and less expensive. .