VIRMAT Advantages: 3d Pre-seeded Geomat

An enduring erosion control and a perfect slope vegetalization are just two features of the VIRMAT pre-seeded geomat working together to guarantee a superb aesthetic and technical result.

Virmat Advantages 1Virmat Advantages 2

VIRMAT provides you with the following advantages:

  • An immediate regulation of the superficial erosion events that keeps on improving thanks to the resultant association between the roots and the geomat.
  • It is suitable also for very steep scarps subjected to superficial detachment events
  • It can be used on dry scarps or scarps composed of loose or friable soil
  • Suitable for waterway banks with water flows up to 5 m/s
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents and to rainwater flows
  • Easy and fast installation with no need of specialised manpower or special means
  • VIRMAT geomats can be laid down on terrains up to 75° of inclination
  • Erosion control and soil sowing all in a single stage with no need of further sowings before or after the laying procedure
  • The plants can put down roots and grow uniformly and regularly
  • When filled with soil, the VIRMAT geomat guarantees perfect grass covering with few or zero irrigations
  • Unlike other monofilament products which are subjected to crushing, VIRMAT geomat maintains its effectiveness even after having being filled with soil
  • High tensile strength
  • It is not affected by the corrosion unlike products made of metallic material