Virens: Production of Biodegradable Geotextiles since 1995

The experts on the erosion control grass covering

Virens manufactures and sells biodegradable geotextiles and geofabrics to control erosion and increase grass covering on all different surfaces, even the critical and the sloping ones..

produzione biostuoiebiostuoie con semirotolo stuoia preseminata

VIRENS established in 1995 on the base of a thirty year experience in the field of the production of geo textile fabris applied to the environment. Following several trials on field, VIRENS developed and patented VIRESCO, a truly groundbreaking product: a presown, biodegradable geotextile, able to guarantee steadiness and regrass even the most challenging surfaces.

The aim is to improve and go beyond the limits set by the traditional grass covering techniques, such as the old-concept blankets, the hydroseeding and the sod lawn so removing all the elements that endanger the growth of a healthy turf grass, a process which, using Viresco, is kept natural.

In respect of the environment and the public health, the materials selected for the products do not include additives, glues or synthetic elements.

Constant innovation in touch with the environment

The new environmentally friendly techniques have been subjected to research, analysis and test in cooperation with:

  • Professors and Research associates at the Agriculture, Biology, Geology and Geophysics departments of the Universities of Padua, Milan, Udine and Turin
  • Research and trial bodies, organisations for the territory and environment protection such as the Consorzio Venezia Nuova, many land reclamation authorities, some forest management public utilities of the Italian regions, some public utilities involved in research and experimental trials and promoting agriculture as for instance Veneto Agricoltura, the Azienda Agraria Sperimentale M. Marani in the Emilia Romagna region, the Consorzio di Ricerca e Sperimentazione per l’Ortofrutticoltura in the Piedmont region
  • professionals and consultants in the field, agronomists, wildlife scientists, landscape architects, biologists, environmental engineers with many years of experience
  • private companies like the U.S.A. Waste Management multinational corporation which carries out tests in the landfill disposal sites and reclamation areas
    or the Wolf-Garten Institute in Betzdorf, Germany, which does research on the lawn

test veneto strade

Experimental trial carried out in collaboration with Veneto Strade SPA.

A versatile product, adaptable to every situation

Virens can boast of a throughput of approx. 5,000,000 sq m per year thanks to the groundbreaking and unique machineries used in the process which are manufactured in Virens workshops as well.

The production kept internally is able to meet the different needs and structural and climatic situations with accuracy and speed. Over the years the product high customisation made Virens the right and valuable choice for engineers, landscape architects, building contractors, designers and all the main players in the field of the erosion control systems such as Tenax Spa.

Our company provides fast and practical solutions to the private customers too, allowing them to sow turf grass in a different way, saving time and energy.

Our commitment is now tangible all over Europe, in the Mediterranean basin and always more frequently in the rest of the world, with intercontinental supplies from Iraq to Martinique, from New Zealand to Canada.

terra rinforzata con viresco in costruzione

Example of reinforced earth with VIRESCO.

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