Usage Instructions Viresco® Sator erosion control

The seed is a live material. Its growth depends on various factors: the climate, the irrigation, the type of soil, etc. We suggest to lay down VIRESCO® when the temperature is steadily higher than 8°-10°C and lower than 30°C.

We also kindly suggest you to follow the usage instructions listed below. We use only first grade components, yet it is not possible to guarantee a good result when inclement weather conditions occur, due to usage mistakes or during the grass cover on critical conditions.

  • Remove any gravel and the pre-existing grass or vegetation by the roots, turn up the soil on the surface (the first 10 cm), crumble the ground solid structure and level the soil.
  • Lay down VIRESCO® without stretching it, but placing it carefully, making it adhere steadily to the ground thanks also to the watering.

On scarps and slopes, secure VIRESCO® on the top of the slope, anchoring it in a small, a few centimetres deep, cutting if necessary, dug approx. 50 cm over the crest.

Unroll the biotextile making sure that it remains attached to the ground and secure it using pegs or U-shaped staples, placed at a variable distance, depending on the inclination and on the location and terrain features. On average, 1 peg every 1-2 square metres of biotextile.

VIRESCO® can be easily shaped using simple domestic scissors.

  • Water daily during the first 25-30 days until the grass surface has completely settled. When the daily watering is not possible, we suggest to cover VIRESCO® with 2-3 mm of sterile loam or sand and water every 2-3 days.

Cut it for the first time when it reaches 10-15 cm.


VIRESCO®may be laid down on both sides.

VIRESCO® is a totally natural product, 100% biodegradable in a period which can vary from four to five months, depending on the ground type and on the environmental and climatic conditions.


On reinforced soil slopes

  • Lay down VIRESCO® under the formwork and any geogrids, arranging it so a 10-15 cm flap is created on the bottom and on the top of the formwork.
  • Pierce the biotextile to install the anchor ties.
  • Before placing the filling soil, approx. 30 cm of fertile vegetable soil should be laid down on the outside and gently compressed.
  • Carry on the setting up of the reinforced soil as usual.
  • According to the temperature and the daytime lighting, water frequently until the grass surface has completely settled.
  • Cut the grass for the first time when it has reached 10-15 cm.