Specification Item

Biotextile made with totally biodegradable cellulose fibres only, it is pre-sowed with seeds from herbaceous species and contains granular fertilizers and soil conditioners without using glues, nets, synthetic fibres or films. It is used also for the grass cover of slopes and banks and the control of the erosion, caused by rains and drainage waters, on terrains, even on steep slopes.
The pre-sowed biotextile is laid down straight to the ground and then fastened to it using posts or U-shaped pegs.
The above mentioned material shall be delivered on site in reels and complies in full with the following specifications:
Components 100% cellulose fibres, seeds
Additional materials fertilizers and soil conditioners
Colour green (several shade variations)
Weight approx. 150 g/sq.m (additional materials excluded)
Thickness 3 mm
Rolls size 100 square metres (width 1.07 m, length 93.5 m),  150 square metres (width 2.15 m, length 69.8 metres)