Soil reinforcement slopes


Soil reinforcement slopes to eliminate soil erosion

Slope stabilisation is almost always linked to the need to reduce or completely eliminate soil erosion. For maintaining a good vegetation cover on mechanically stabilised soils, Viresco biomats are the best solution.
Mechanically stabilised soils are effective geotechnics techniques for containing or stabilising escarpments: today they are a more environmentally friendly alternative to concrete walls.
In particular, soil reinforced slopes greened with the Viresco® system integrate harmoniously with the surrounding environment, even in difficult landscape situations.

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Strengths of the system when used for soil reinforced slopes

Viresco® biotextiles are often used for the construction of mechanically stabilised soils and are characterised by their ease of installation: they are practical and lightweight, so they can be easily installed even on very steep surfaces, without the need for specialised manpower or elaborate anchoring means.
The construction of more mechanically stabilised and soil reinforced slopes requires specialised companies and personnel as they are special geotechnical engineering works. In soil reinforced slopes construction, the textile matrix, even when used on steeply inclined terrains, retains seeds and fertilisers in its weft, protecting them from adverse weather conditions and thus avoiding the phenomena of thin ground particle wash-out and soil erosion.
The safe permanence of seeds and fertilisers even on such slopes allows for a uniform and protective vegetation cover of the entire structure.


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