Slopes protection


Why take action against soil erosion

Soil erosion is a natural phenomenon caused by wind, but mainly by water. It can take place either over time with the gradual removal of soil particles or suddenly with the detachment of considerable portions of soil and consequent damage to the environment and human settlements and activities.

Accelerated erosion caused by a lack of vegetation cover or very steep slopes, combined with prolonged drought periods, cause an increased soil vulnerability.

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When to intervene

Soil erosion by water is called wash-out. This type of erosion is the most common and is first developed by water wetting the surface along the slope line. This phenomenon can cause significant soil loss, the formation of furrows and the establishment of even deep erosion. A thick grass layer is an effective remedy for such problems.

In general, it is advisable to prevent the effect of erosion so you don’t have to act once the damage has occurred.
In particular, erosion occurs due to the presence of escarpments with significant gradients, or consisting of loose and friable soils, on banks and bottoms of waterways.

Classic intervention methods
and Virens solutions

Over time, numerous solutions have been adopted for escarpment containment and slope stabilisation. From grass and sowing to consolidate escarpments, to concrete walls to the less economical and difficult-to-manage hydroseeding technique.
Finally, traditional biomats made of straw, jute, coconut, sisal, etc. have been produced. Although less invasive, they are difficult to lay and do not prevent run-off phenomena underneath. Virens ranks first with an innovative solution and product called Viresco ®.

Viresco® pre-seeded biomats are an effective soil bio-engineering technique for:

    • Escarpment consolidation
    • Slope stabilisation
    • Sowing on slopes and soils in general

Operations of this type are aimed at eliminating or reducing the problem of soil erosion that compromises the stability of soils and ensuring the protection of environmental heritage.

Virens solutions for
escarpment containment and slope consolidation

Virens pre-seeded biomats are a simple and effective solution to be used in all soil protection applications to provide a definitive solution to the problem of soil erosion control in a single operational step: the surface consolidation function starts from the moment of the first application thanks to the immediate adherence of Viresco® to the ground to be treated. Virens offers three main erosion control solutions.





Slope consolidation
is no longer a problem
with Viresco biomats

For many years now, the benefits of vegetation and lawns in particular have been used for the improvement of the degraded landscape, for the restoring to greenery of areas affected by construction work, for soil protection in general and slope containment in particular. The presence of lawns becomes of enormous importance not only for the escarpment containment action provided by the deep root systems, but also for the soil defence provided by the leaves and flowers. They protect the soil from the pouring action of rainfall, which has become increasingly violent in recent years when climatic changes are occurring such that flooding weather phenomena are becoming more and more frequent.

Slope consolidation is no longer a problem with Viresco biomats; the material from which the biomat is made allows it to adhere perfectly to steep slopes. Once the Viresco biotextile is in place, making it adhere well to the soil, all you have to do is water it; as the escarpment protection grass grows, it will help consolidate the slopes. Thanks to Viresco® it is now possible to keep all erosion phenomena under control from the moment of the first laying and no further sowing is necessary.


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