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All you need to know about Viresco® pre-seeded mat rolls

The pre-seeded biomat rolls developed by Virens represent a simple and effective solution in all environmental restoration operations aimed at solving and preventing problems related to erosion events. They are extremely versatile products, specially designed to guarantee excellent results in the most diverse sectors: erosion control, soil bio-engineering, geotechnics, landscape architecture, building industry, gardening, roof gardens, drive-over parklands, open spaces for sport activities, green coverings and maintenance, and horticulture.

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VIRESCO biodegradable pre-seeded biotextiles are very versatile

Viresco is a biodegradable biotextile pre-seeded with seeds for escarpment rustic turf grass, grass carpet, flowery meadow, horticulture.

It guarantees excellent results in sowing grassland for slope and escarpment grass covering, and in all situations where there may be seed wash-out.

It is an effective product in soil surface erosion control and ground consolidation.

Pre-seeded bio-felt contains first-rate seeds and top-quality fertilisers in its weft, evenly distributed and in adequate quantities to form solid biomeshes. It is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for grass carpets in parks and gardens. Its installation considerably shortens the time required for the landscaping of ornamental green areas and roof gardens.

The Viresco pre-seeded

The Viresco pre-seeded biotextile is not afraid of rain even in the worst weather conditions, as its weft holds seeds and fertiliser inside. It is the ideal product to counteract wash-out of escarpments. Viresco biofelts are well suited for use in protecting and consolidating slanted soils and slopes, in grass covering and settlement of grass carpets, in sowing grassy car parks, drive-over and pedestrian lawns, flower meadows, vertical gardens, and for the grass covering of escarpments and embankments of banks and canals in general.

All seed mixtures used are designed according to the customer’s needs, environmental conditions, climate period, and maintenance possibilities.
All the essences are selected high-quality varieties with low growth habit to limit the required cuts.


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