Large or small reinforcement, regrassing and slopes protection?

Choose Virens Products: grass covering and erosion control
in a single solution!

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Finally you will be able to stop erosion events and provide a perfect grass surface whenever an environmental recovery work is required on hard terrains and steep slopes.
The pre-sowed bio-mats and geo-mats by Virens proved to be the winning solution in a variety of situations:

    • road construction
    • building industry
    • landfills and quarries cover
    • Soil reinforcement slopes
    • reclamations
    • hydraulic structures
    • geotechnics
    • landscape architecture
    • gardening

Rely on the state of the art soil bio-engineering and erosion control, an essential support to the work performed by engineers, architects, surveyors, agronomists and design firms.

Instant results after just one laying procedure

Viresco and Virmat pre-sowed mats are light to carry, easy to lay down and adhere perfectly to the soil to be stabilised: protection guaranteed right from the start.

Viresco is composed of natural and green material, pre-sowed using seeds picked out using the most suitable species for the specific user’s needs, taking into consideration either technical and ornamental factors. While ensuring the uniform growth of the vegetation, it provides also an effective erosion control, offering a pleasant aesthetic effect to the landscape before a complete biodegradation.

The combination of Viresco and a highly resistant three-dimensional geo–mat created Virmat

a revolutionary erosion control system, a permanent yet invisible implement thanks to its perfect vegetation cover, which can be used also on steeply inclined terrains.
Geo-mat + pre-sowed bio-textile
highly resistant grid plus deep roots
a single tough block, resistant to the erosion impact.

All seed mixtures used are designed according to the customer’s needs, environmental conditions, climate period, and maintenance possibilities.
All the essences are selected high-quality varieties with low growth habit to limit the required cuts.
Customised and uniform turf-grass carpets.

With more of 30 years of experience in the production of textiles applied to the environment, we can offer you:

  • the finest raw material carefully selected;
  • seeds and fertilizers uniformly proportioned inside the bio-textile weft;
  • a careful selection of the pre-sowed textiles most suitable for the needs of your customers;
  • continuous behavioural and performance tests.

Rely on Virens to draw up a comprehensive grass covering and erosion control project.
Find out how you can get a luxuriant vegetation on sites exposed to erosion events!

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