Hydroseeding or the new pre-seeded biotextile mat Viresco?
The comparison!

The pre-sown soil erosion matting simplifies the turf grass creation and guarantees an effective erosion control in a very short period.
In the case of non-pre-sown biomats, it is necessary to spread the seeds below, before laying or above, after laying, or to hydroseed the lawn. The result, compared for example to hydroseeding associated with jute nets or mats, is a saving of time and costs, with a flawless result.

With VIRESCO grass covering and erosion control in a single solution!

Hydroseeding normally has higher prices than a work created with Viresco.


The Advantages respect to hydroseeding

Discover the advantages of VIRESCO compared with the traditional grass covering and soil erosion prevention systems.

The Advantages respect to hydroseeding

Surface stabilisation functionAfter the grass turf developmentAt the time when the biotextile is laid down
External agents action (extreme rains and massive irrigations)It can compromise the implementation positive outcomeIt can resist to any atmospheric event without losing the seeds
Applications in places difficult to reachThe use of hose extensions or mobile platforms is requiredLight and easy to carry anywhere
Laying methodIt requires specialised manpowerAnyone can do it in an easy and fast way
Small areas implementationsToo expensiveAlways suitable and affordable
Attacks by birds and insectsIn several conditions (e.g. landfills) they can eat the seedsThe seeds are well protected and remain longer in the biotextile weft
Chemical or physical residuesIt requires the application of glues and chemical productsFully biodegradable
Implementations on very steep surfacesHydromulching is necessary and/or at least two applicationsNo additional features required. Lower implementation costs
Visual impactYou need to wait for the grass growth or you can use additional aesthetic productsThe biotextile comes in green colour so improves immediately the surface to be covered
Erosion control on very steep slopesIt should be coupled with a mat, usually an erosion control jute netUsing just a single product cuts the costs


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