Grass lawn


Grass lawn: the secrets for getting it fast

Have a beautiful lawn easily, quickly, without worrying about locating, buying and transporting materials, seeds, fertiliser, loam, peat, sand mix. Then use them without getting the amounts, processes, timing wrong. Distribute them
evenly, cover them with a little soil, but carefully, not too much, make sure that they do not run off with irrigation water or rain, keep an eye on weeds, birds, insects…

Otherwise, you can order a nice sod lawn in rolls which guarantees a pleasant effect immediately with the grass of your choice. This way, the garden is already grassed the next day. However, the sod lawn is something that has undergone a transplant and like all living things it requires a long period of naturalisation, adaptation, acclimatisation, with a high demand for maintenance, chemical assistance, always precise watering, and working hours.

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The real alternative to the traditional sod lawn is VIRESCO,
a lawn roll in textile fully derived from cellulose and totally biodegradable in 3-4 months. It saves the hobbyist who wants a DIY lawn all those laborious and complex operations described above.

Viresco® is the revolutionary new pre-seeded biofelt that ensures your grass carpet looks healthy and lush and saves you time and effort!
Sowing an English lawn requires a lot of care and attention.

Thanks to Viresco®, however, sowing is no longer a problem! Rely on Viresco®, the ideal solution for anyone who wants a beautiful, healthy grass surface, but does not have enough time or patience to dedicate to it.
A grass carpet worthy of the best gardener now takes only a few minutes. Just enough time to remove the weeds and lay the Viresco® biomats which, thanks to their elasticity and practicality, adhere perfectly to the soil to be treated.

The result will be a beautiful, thick and lush lawn!

Not sure how to choose the seeds and fertilisers to use?

Don’t worry: Viresco® biofelt contains a selection of first quality seeds and fertilisers, dosed with the utmost precision, to guarantee effective sowing. They are designed according to the customer’s needs, environmental conditions, climatic period, and maintenance possibilities. All the essences are selected high-quality varieties with low growth habit to limit the required cuts.

And what about maintenance?
Viresco® is the only true do-it-yourself lawn that requires no special care!
You only need to water it frequently until the grass surface is fully formed.

And if green is just one of the colours you like, with Viresco® you can shape your garden as you like and give it the thousand colours and scents of flowers!
If you dream of a beautiful English lawn in your garden, you need Viresco®!
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