Slope Erosion Control and Reinforcement

Thanks to the ground-breaking features and functions of the VIRESCO’s products, aimed to the surface regrassing and slope protection, they can be applied in different situations and conditions, representing the ideal, and so far unimaginable, solution.

VIRESCO is the perfect solution on any kind of slope:

  • terrains subjected to erosion events
  • slopes extended on a small area
  • locations difficult to reach
  • steeply inclined terrains

VIRMAT is well suited for the most extreme situations:

  • steeply inclined escarpments
  • waterways banks and grounds
  • when you need a safe and stable erosion control
  • when the irrigation is somehow limited

Slope Stabilisation with VIRESCO: Main implementations

controllo erosione Slope Erosion control
As a remedy for the frequently inadequate actions implemented by men on the territory since VIRMAT can restore the environmental balance and the required safety conditions.
scarpata cava Landfills and quarries cover
Utmost reinforcement of the terrain on the banks, since it acts, on the base level, as a barrier to the soil slipping, even before the terrain has been converted by VIRMAT to a green consistent layer.
terre armate Reinforced Earth / Slopes
In addition to the cost cutting and an easy installation, it also keeps perfectly together thin ground particles, seeds and fertilizers, guaranteeing the landscape improvement and the grass covering on the steep slopes.
Road construction Road construction
Since the product features practicality and lightness, the utilisation in the urban planning field, providing low environmental impact works and amazing aesthetic results, is quite easy.
edilizia Building industry
Versatile and green from the very moment is laid down, it adapts perfectly to every environment, providing every architectural project with a natural and original grass lawn.
opere idrauliche Hydraulic structures
The protection of waterways banks, irrigation and drainage channels from the water flowing is guaranteed in less demanding situations by VIRESCO and on all waterways banks by VIRMAT, even when the flow rate is up to 5 m/s.
ing naturalistica Soil bio-engineering
Being fully biodegradable, it restores the correct landscape and forest ecological balance when they are compromised by meteoric events and human actions.
>bunker golf Golf courses
The grass shapes precisely itself to the banks of bunkers, ponds, hilly areas and all along the course surrounded with greenery.
giardino-svizzera-small Gardening
Easy and environmental friendly, VIRESCO® grass seed blankets are a revolutionary implement developed for making easier and more effective the lawn sowing.
box06-small Horticulture
Basil, chard, chicory, endive, lettuce, mixed lettuce greens, parsley, spinach, garden rocket, valerian, but also for carrot, leek, turnip, radish and all the aromatic herbs.

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