Canal bank intervention treated with Virmat

The use of Virmat on a watercourse in Calabria

Virmat is the ideal product for the protection and greening of embankments in all watercourses.

Virens applications

One of the applications of choice for our Virmats is the covering, protection and strengthening of banks of canals, watercourses, rivers and ditches.
These surfaces are physically subjected to erosive and destabilising stresses caused by exposure to atmospheric agents and water flows, which vary according to the different flood and alluvial phases.

The materials placed to safeguard the hydraulic works must have characteristics of particular adaptability and resistance to the events described, particularly in the extreme climatic conditions that have been occurring in recent times.
Virmats, with a resistance to water flow of up to 5 m/s, are particularly suitable for slopes of this type, which are subject to surface detachment and destabilisation phenomena, thanks also to the structure that allows a tensile strength 6-7 times higher than other geomats of the same thickness, and all this with a lower aerodynamic mass.

A particular distinguishing feature of what defines Virmat as one of the best products in its category is the pre-seeded part; a biotextile containing seeds and fertilisers designed for different situations. Once laid, if plugged with vegetable soil as shown in the photos, it allows uniform germination with very low water requirements.
Sowing with Virmat does not risk dispersion through runoff, leaching or poor irrigation, and the embankments are quickly greened and protected.
Virmat, a unique solution for incomparable results.



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