Roof gardens with Viresco® Pratens

Pre-seeded biofabric on sloping green roofs or flat elevated areas

Roof gardens are raised vegetated environments through which the same benefits can be achieved as with land gardens or areas.

As with all contemporary construction activities, which are increasingly attentive to the environment and to greenery in particular, roof gardens are attracting more and more interest and are increasingly being included in modern architectural designs, not only in countries that are traditionally concerned with this type of solution, but now all over the world.

They offer numerous advantages:

  • the possibility of having greenery in densely urbanised areas;
  • aesthetic improvement of buildings;
  • energy improvement with better thermal insulation in both summer and winter;
  • climatic improvement of the entire area;
  • improvement of air quality through plant activity;
  • dust reduction;
  • noise reduction;
  • improvement of biodiversity in habitats in which biodiversity is greatly reduced;
  • attenuation of the impact of rainfall and winds;
  • improvement of the psychological state due to the relaxing effect that vegetation has on the human being.

Virens applications

Viresco® Pratens is fully integrated in this sector and proves its utility in green roofs, whether on sloping green roofs or on flat elevated areas.

In the construction of roof gardens, great importance is attached to ease of use, and to the lightness and manageability of the materials used, precisely because it is often not easy to work in such situations.

The features of Viresco® Pratens seem to have been designed precisely to meet these needs, for practicality, effectiveness, and cleanliness in the home, both inside and out.

Furthermore, the possibility of customising the seeds inserted in the biofabric is a great advantage for applications that always require careful preparation and evaluation of the most suitable solutions for the various conditions that may arise.


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