Landfill capping with summer laying of pre-seeded biofabric

A landfill reclamation case with Viresco® Sator

The environmental reclamation of landfills is a multi-stakeholder problem: citizens who want a healthier and more usable environment, public administrations who have to satisfy these desires and sensitivities while respecting environmental regulations, and companies that often have to solve complex technical and economic problems. Virens pre-seeded mats were created precisely to meet all these demands and offer ecological solutions for the renaturalisation and securing of heavily degraded sites.

 Virens applications

In this example, we can see very well the action performed by our pre-seeded biotextile. The banks of the landfill look like those of a garden or park ready to host local fauna and flora with a very rewarding aesthetic impact. 

Also in terms of surface protection, well-established vegetation offers effective erosion control, in this case associating noticeable landscape effects.

The seeds used, although they are rustic to limit any future maintenance needs, offer a true turf result in decorative settings and good grass settlement ensures root depth and plant health, ideal in these revegetation operations.


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