Construction of a landfill using Viresco® Sator on reinforced land

An intervention in a landfill in southern Sardinia

In this case history we show the construction of an important landfill located in the south of Sardinia with the use of reinforced land for the protection of the banks composed of 4 levels of embankments for a total height of 20m; a solution respectful of natural requirements and in particular of the flora, without using cement, and able to cope with public works of considerable magnitude.

Virens applications

The photos carefully document the construction phases and the progress of the works for reinforced land. 

The work proceeded without any special requirements in terms of labour and infrastructure, with little earthmoving, recovering the soil material on site, with low costs and excellent results.

Despite the high-tenacity materials, the possibility of adaptation to the contours of the site was retained with the least possible environmental impact and the best performance in terms of protection and consolidation of the embankment and ground surfaces.

As the plots were completed, with the use of Viresco® Sator underneath geogrids and formwork, the slopes were progressively grassed over, to the extent that there were areas that had been completely greened over when other areas were still in the preparation stage. The presence of Lotus corniculatus in the mixture used provides a pleasant aesthetic touch, contributing to the full return of the area to an environment and landscape that should be preserved as much as possible.


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