Strengthening and securing of riverbank sections

The case of an intervention at a Loire Castle – France

In this case, we are in the largest UNESCO World Heritage area in the world.

What was required was not only the strengthening and  securing of riverbank sections of tributaries of the Loire adjacent to territories and reserves of historic castles, but the requirement for total respect and, if possible, further embellishment of areas visited by millions of people every year.

Virens applications

In the first photo we can see our Viresco® Sator that has just been laid. In the second and third photos, however, we see another area after approx. 10 days, from different angles.

This is another example where the products used are required to have technical qualities to control bank erosion and decorative qualities to enhance the appearance of green areas.

As it is a good soil, a decorative turf seed mix based on Poa pratensis and Festuca arundinacea was used in Viresco® Sator. It requires little maintenance and can withstand even extreme temperatures, but it also develops a deep root system, which is essential forthe reinforcement and protection of embankment slopes.

As we can see, the surrounding areas are characterised by greenery and well-kept lawns.

Viresco® Sator is a solution that combines protection from water-flow erosion with the selection of vegetation that is consistent with the surrounding environment.

The customer reported that the work was perfectly completed and that they were completely satisfied despite the considerable gradients and the summer season.


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