A floral embanking intervention on biomass silos

The laying of Viresco® Sator biofabric in a power plant

We are located in a major renewable energy power plant where the client wanted the biomass silo embankments “flowered”, both to respect the company’s “environmental” mission and to encourage greening and biodiversity.

Virens applications

The growth occurred evenly over time. It should be noted that the agricultural soil was particularly fertile to the extent that it allowed an “explosive” development of the rustic flower species incorporated in the Viresco® biofabric, designed with the aim of not requiring special maintenance and having good anti-erosive qualities.

The problem with sowing flowers on agricultural land is that the soil is often “rich” in weeds, which are particularly dangerous if a flower lawn is to be established. In fact, excessive competition from weeds is the factor that most jeopardises the success of the flower lawn.

Therefore, a mixture of flowers and grasses suitable for a country setting was used, typical of Italian flora, with an expected growth of approx. 60 cm. The extremely fertile soil, on the other hand, allowed for a growth of almost a metre for certain species, demonstrating how, regardless of the average growth rate, it is always the environmental context that determines how and to what extent the individual species grows.


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