Virmat L

Light three dimensional geomat

Product Composition

  • Three dimensional geomat

  • Cellulose fibres

  • First quality fertilizers

  • First quality seeds

Description of Virmat L

Three dimensional anti-erosion pre-sowed geomat Lighter and thinner for every surface

The anti-erosion geomatt VIRMAT is also offered in a light and handling version: VIRMAT L.

VIRMAT L is particularly appreciated for the protection of scarps and vegetalization on slopes subjected to erosion,
but less critical than those treated with VIRMAT:

Very steep scarps up to 60° of inclination, subject to frequent rains and widespread washouts;
scarps composed of loose soil;
slopes not steep but very sunny;
suitable for waterway banks, irrigation and drainage canals;
friable slopes and difficult soil to vegetate;
possible thermal stress.

Therefore VIRMAT L guarantees a high anti-erosion standard and a perfect vegetalization even in complex conditions.

What distinguishes VIRMAT L from the more consistent VIRMAT?
it is lighter;
it is thinner
it is less bulky;
it shows a better manageability which ensures a quicker laying procedure;
being more elastic it also adapts better to the soil conformation;
it is less tough and the tensile strength is slightly lower;
it is less expensive;
the colour is green as VIRESCO and therefore shows a pleasant aesthetic result.

VIRMAT and VIRMAT L geomats can keep an useful layer of soil on the upper part
which eventually makes the germination of the seeds embedded in the VIRESCO® bio-textile much easier.

The use of pre-seeded geomats and therefore the need for a vegetation well settled and developed is so important
that the plants show the ability to:

obstruct the surface erosion;
slow down either the waterway water flows and the rainfall water flows;
reduce any bank and embankment profile deformation;
improve the landscape appearance;
reduce the number of dust particles while improving the quality of the air;
improve the soil quality.

The traditional three-dimensional geomats, which are not pre-seeded, can achieve all these results only if the seeds are scattered under the geomats before they are laid down or if the seeds are scattered above them after the laying procedure, or, eventually, if you perform a hydroseeding.

Thanks to the VIRMAT and VIRMAT L exclusive features, it all comes easy in a single operational phase, very effective and less expensive.

Technical Data Sheet of Virmat L

Gripping, three-dimensional, pre-sown geo-mat composed by a multilayer structure of polypropylene (PP) geogrids with a high index of voids, extruded and subsequently bioriented, overlapped and sewn together, assembled in the lower part with the biotextile of biodegradable cellulose fibers VIRESCO, pre-sown with high quality seeds of herbaceous species, grasses and legumes and granular fertilizers for new sowing. The assembling is carried out without the use of any glue, nets, synthetic fibres or films.


Ground fixing systems

We recommend fixing the pre-sown geomats to the ground for better adhesion with:

U-shaped iron staples U30

U-shaped iron staples U30
cm 30 x 7 x 30 diam. 6 mm
Suitable for VIRMAT and VIRMAT L

Chiodi in ferro U30

U-shaped iron staples U40

U-shaped iron staples U40
cm 40 x 7 x 40 diam. 6 mm
Suitable for VIRMAT

Chiodi in ferro U40



Adjust the laying surface by removing any roots, vegetation, stones or debris, hoe 10 cm of soil, crumble the thickest pieces and level the ground so that VIRMAT L can adhere to the soil without any void underneath;

Dig an anchor trench 60 cm beyond the ridge: the trench has to be 30 cm in width and in depth. The trench dimensions may vary according to the type of application, to the soil, to the inclination and width of the slope;


Place VIRMAT L on the bottom of the trench and fix it in the centre with U-shaped staples (we suggest staples with 30 cm length and 5 mm diameter) each 1 m, this may vary according to the characteristics of the site;

Make sure that the green side of the product, made of the pre-seeded biotextile VIRESCO, is in contact with the soil;

Unroll VIRMAT L, make sure that it will remain in contact with the ground. Fix the margins of the rolls with U-staples at a distance that varies according to the inclination and the characteristics of soil and site;

on average place 1 staple each 1-2 m² of geomat;

To improve adherence, we suggest to anchor VIRMAT L using pegs even in the middle section of the rolls and wherever you might notice it does not perfectly adhere to the soil;

Cover VIRMAT L by hand or using mecanichal means with dry fine soil, be careful not to damage the geomat. Compact the soil gently and add other topsoil;

Irrigate for the first 25-30 days until the turf has completely settled.

VIRMAT L can be cut and shaped with strong scissors.


VIRMAT L, supplied in rolls, must be moved paying attention not to damage the packaging. It must be kept in a dry place, protected from exposure to sunlight, away from flammable materials and sources of heat.

VIRMAT L, kept dry in the packaging nylon, lasts approx. two year.


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