Viresco Sator

100% Biodegradable pre-seeded erosion control matting

Product Composition

  • Cellulose fibres

  • First quality seeds

  • First quality fertilizers

Description of Viresco Sator

The certainty of an effective and focused sowing on every order

VIRESCO® SATOR is light and easy to carry: it can be applied even on locations difficult to reach (approx 20 kg per 100 square metres!)
Thin and elastic: it perfectly adheres to the ground (it is 3 mm thick!), easy to set down: it can be easily cut and shaped using simple domestic scissors without recourse to specialised manpower. The lay down process is really fast: two people lay 500 sq m of VIRESCO® in around 40 minutes on a slope with a 35°- 40° inclination, while on plain surfaces the same operation takes just 20 minutes.
Versatile: it adjusts itself to the features and dimensions of every surface, guarantees protection against widespread erosion and scouring, rains and irrigations, birds and insects.
Low carriage costs: a lorry could carry approx. 40,000 square metres of VIRESCO®.
Reduced sowing times: all in a single stage, no need of further interventions.

VIRESCO® SATOR, the pre-seeded, biodegredable erosion control blankets of natural origin, adheres perfectly to the ground as a protective film while adapting to its features. The instant results for the user are the stop of the surface erosion and an excellent vegetation settlement.

How does it do it? Thanks to high quality seeds and fertilizers, chosen according to the climate, the pedological conditions, the type of utilisation and the specific user’s needs. The seeds are precisely proportioned and scattered, avoiding excessive or short quantities, inside a thick weft which holds and protects the seeds against extreme rains and irrigations and attacks by birds and insects. During the handling, transportation, installation and settlement stages the weft keeps the seeds in place so they do not change their initial position.

Furthermore, VIRESCO® controls the soil temperature, reduces the evapotranspiration keeping the soil more humid and prevents the growth of the weeds. Available in a green colour, it adapts to the landscape and offers immediately a pleasant aesthetic effect. Then it fully biodegrades in 4-5 months when the grass is already grown. When used in geotechnics, in the reinforced soils under geogrids and formworks, VIRESCO® excels in holding the thin ground particles and it is able to cover with grass nearly vertical surfaces.

Technical Data Sheet of Viresco Sator

Biotextile made with totally biodegradable cellulose fibres, of soft green colour, pre-sowed with high quality seeds of herbaceous species, granular fertilizers and soil conditioners, without using glues, nets, synthetic fibres or films.
It is used for the grassing of slopes and banks and for the control of erosion caused by rains and water flows on terrains and even on steep slopes.

Ground fixing systems

In the case of sloping ground or areas with strong wind, we recommend fixing the pre-sown biomat with:

U-shaped iron staples U17

U-shaped iron staples
cm 17 x 5 x 17 diam. 4 mm
Suitable for VIRESCO Sator and VIRESCO Pratens

Chiodi in ferro U17

Biodegradable Plastic Nails

Biodegradable plastic nails PLA
length 15 cm diam. 10 mm
Suitable for VIRESCO Sator and VIRESCO Pratens

Picchetti in plastica BIO

Wooden Stakes

Wooden Stakes, 100% beech wood, environmental eco-friendly
length 25 cm diam. 20 mm
Suitable for VIRESCO Sator and VIRESCO Pratens



Remove stones, plants and roots and turn over the first 10 cm of surface;

crumble the large clods and level;


roll out the biotextile without stretching it, making it lay down and adhere firmly to the ground, thanks also to irrigation water;

anchor it, by using U-shaped staples or stakes, at a variable distance depending on the inclination, on the characteristics of the place and the ground (approx. 1-2 anchorages per square meter);

VIRESCO® can be easily shaped using simple domestic scissors;

water daily, if possible, for the first 25-30 days, until the grass is completely settled.

VIRESCO® is a totally natural product, 100% biodegradable in a period which can vary from 4 to 5 months, depending on the ground type and on the environmental and climatic conditions.


VIRESCO, supplied in rolls, must be moved paying attention not to damage the packaging. It must be kept in a dry place, protected from exposure to sunlight, away from flammable materials and sources of heat.

VIRESCO, kept dry in the packaging nylon, lasts approx. two year.


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