Viresco Olus

Pre-sowned biodegradable fabric for biologic horticulture.

Product Composition

  • Cellulose fibers

  • First quality seeds

Description of Viresco Olus

The revolutionary characteristics of VIRESCO®, duly arranged for the specific purpose, make it a ground-breaking technical implement for horticulture.
In this case, inside the weft of the textile, made by fibres entirely derived from the cellulose and fully biodegradable, are included seeds chosen out of the most suitable horticultural, aromatic and officinal species.

Inside the greenhouses or on open field, VIRESCO® is regularly used, especially for all the reaping crops: basil, chard, chicory, endive, lettuce, mixed lettuce greens, parsley, spinach, garden rocket, valerian, but also for carrot, leek, turnip, radish and all the aromatic herbs.
It can be easily and rapidly laid on the sowing bed due to its light weight (100 sq. m equal to 13 Kg approx.) and to its stretchy structure.
You must water it frequently until the germination is completed and then the watering should be carried on under normal conditions.

VIRESCO® puts together in just one solution:

a totally natural and fully biodegradable product;
a safe control against the weeds for several production cycles and under every weather condition;
a precision sowing, practical and fast, where the seed distribution is optimal and the exploitation of the available terrain is the best one giving larger outputs;
sowing and mulching performed at the same time;
increased germinative power;
during the cultivation period, it saves you a lot of work on thinning out, spudding, etc. and during the picking phase there is less work to do on weeding;
crops sound and free by parasites, pathogens, bugs and birds;
clean plants (an aspect particularly important for some crops such as valerian, “chicory”):
excellent conservation of the underlying soil;
production regularity.

In the event of short cultivation cycles, any biotextile remains can be removed and used also as compost or chopped and milled in the ground without releasing any noxious chemical or physical residue, avoiding all the disposal costs.

We usually supply VIRESCO® in white, a colour useful to reduce the high summer temperatures, but for the cold seasons we supply it even in black, a colour of vegetable origin, to allow more heat and a development earliness.

Technical Data Sheet of Viresco Olus

Biotextile made with totally biodegradable cellulose fibres only, of white colour, pre-sowed with seeds for horticulture. Produced without without glues, nets, synthetic fibres or films for environmentally friendly horticulture, without chemical herbicides and pesticides.



Prepare the ground as per a traditional sowing, well crumbled, levelled and rolled;


Lay down the textile, with the seeds facing up, making it adhere steadily to the ground;

Water frequently during the first days after the installation, keeping the textile wet until the seedlings are completely risen;

frequent but not too heavy about quantity irrigation cycles;

do not allow the bio-textile to dry completely in the germination phase.

If it is impossible to water repeatedly, especially in open fields, it is advisable to cover VIRESCO® with 2/3 mm of sand and wet every 1/2 days.

When the plants have risen from the textile, the irrigation should be carried on according to common practice;


VIRESCO® a totally natural and fully biodegradable product in around 3-4 months.

When the production cycle is over, it’s possible to get rid of any residue doing composting or grinding it into the soil.

VIRESCO, supplied in rolls, must be moved paying attention not to damage the packaging. It must be kept in a dry place, protected from exposure to sunlight, away from flammable materials and sources of heat.

VIRESCO, kept dry in the packaging nylon, lasts approx. one year.


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