VIRMAT: 3d geo-mat plus seeded mat


Vegetation establishment on extremely steep slopes

virmat particolare

The three dimensional geomat in polypropylene, joins forces with VIRESCO the pre-sowed bio-textile so making possible the stabilisation of slopes, the settlement of the banks on the waterways and the grass covering of terrains up to 75° of inclination, which are not easy to regrass and are even more prone to instability.

It establishes a durable block device to control erosion and guarantees:

  • an amazing erosion control and slope protection
  • an effective control of the thin soil loss and a uniform, fast and reinforced grass covering

Right from the start the geocomposite material gives you:

  • Resistance to intense stress
  • Complete seed protection even on steeply inclined terrains
  • Fast grass covering even on impoverished soils
  • Enhanced anchoring of the roots to the soil and to the three dimensional structure
  • Durable slope reinforcement

The VIRMAT three dimensional erosion control matting can be easily laid down just unrolling the rolls, making sure that it keeps in touch with the soil and anchoring it with pegs or U-shaped staples according to the amount of inclination.


VIRMAT applied 

The VIRMAT structure has been designed so to guarantee a high erosion control standard and to firmly keep a layer of vegetable soil on the upper part. This way humidity and thermal protection are constantly supplied to the seeds which are enclosed in the underlying bio-textile.

Typical implementations:

  • geotechnics
  • erosion control
  • slope reinforcement
  • grass covering and regrassing
  • road ditches
  • irrigation and drainage channels
  • waterways banks
  • landfill covers