• Prepare the ground as per a traditional sowing, well crumbled, levelled and rolled.
  • Lay down the textile, with the seeds facing up, making it adhere steadily to the ground.

Water frequently during the first days after the installation, keeping the textile wet until the seedlings are completely risen. Frequent -but not too heavy about quantity- irrigation cycles.
During the first days to set the right irrigation frequency you just have to check (by touch) the textile humidity.

During the germination phase do not let the textile to dry fully.

When the recurrent irrigation is not possible, especially on open field, we suggest to cover VIRESCO® with sand (2-3 mm) and water every 1-2 days.

It would be even useful to cover VIRESCO® with some non-woven fabric, taking care to remove it at the right time, when the first sprouts appear, otherwise they could be damaged.

  • When the plants have risen from the textile, the irrigation should be carried on under normal conditions.

For the cold seasons, VIRESCO® Olus can be provided in BLACK COLOUR of natural origin, to guarantee a development earliness. In this version, the biotextile can dry very fast, so it is advisable to take particular care during the first irrigations.

VIRESCO® is a totally natural product and fully biodegradable.

When the production cycle is over, it is possible to get rid of any residue doing composting, milling and grinding it into the ground, etc.;

when the cycles are long, VIRESCO® leaves a small residue, since after 2-4 months it fully biodegrades.