Green retaining walls

green retaining walls

Green retaining walls are efficient techniques for containment or geotechnical stabilization of slopes: nowadays they represent a sustainable alternatives to block and concrete walls.

They provide higher aesthetic appeal and a natural look. These systems are ideal for difficult landscape situations and dangerous ground.

The respect for the environment and the protection of natural heritage are the most important goals.

The pre-sown geotextile Viresco gives you the opportunity to easily create green retaining walls:

Viresco seed rolls give you many advantages:

  • effective and focused sowing
  • vegetaion establishment
  • customised seed mixtures for every need
  • rapid growth of a turf
  • extremely high erosion control
  • reduces surface water runoff and filters pollutants
  • excellent aesthetic effect given by the natural green colour

The answer of  the application guarantees the highest level of germination and very good results also on steep slopes!

In addition Virens seed mats for green retaining walls are easy to install: they can be easily placed, without the need of specialised manpower.

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