Grass Seed Mats and Blankets: VIRESCO® Pratens

If you ever dreamed of a beautiful lawn, sound and thick, you know you have to carefully choose seeds and fertilizers, arrange them evenly, cover them with some soil (but not too much), making sure they don’t slip away after the first irrigation or because of the rain, mind the weeds and keep away birds and bugs…Well, to get a magnificent grass carpet it takes just time and patience. If time and patience are just something you lack most, then… VIRESCO® PRATENS, THE PRE-SOWED GRASS BLANKET, IS YOUR REAL D.I.Y. PERSONAL LAWN ! tappetoEasy and environmental friendly, VIRESCO® Pratens is a revolutionary implement developed for making easier and more effective the lawn sowing, to the professional user and to the hobbyist too. It is a pre-seeded lawn blanket, natural and fully biodegradable in more or less four months, extremely light (50 sq.m equal to around 10 kg!), elastic (3 mm thick!), it adheres perfectly to the ground. Inside the weft are enclosed seeds coming from the most different turf grass species, sheltered from the rain and the massive irrigations, from the birds and the bugs. The seeds are suitable to the different environmental and climatic situations and are matched with granular fertilizers for a better initial settlement. Everything is high grade and calibrated with utmost precision to avoid noxious excessive or short quantities. The result will be a sound, thick lawn and the weeds control will be improved too.

  • no loss of seeds due to the excessive depth as with traditional sowing
  • excellent results even on steep slopes
  • protects the soil from the scouring and the erosion
  • suitable also for the canal and pond banks and for roof gardens.

VIRESCO® Pratens adheres perfectly, forming a sort of protective film that ensures immediate stop to surface erosion as of its installation. Afterwards it allows the effective establishment of the vegetation and only subsequently it biodegrades completely. Using VIRESCO® Pratens the work needed for the sowing of new lawns is remarkably reduced.

If green is just one of the colours you like, you can have VIRESCO® Pratens also with seeds for a bloomy lawn so your garden will become a pleasant colourful area.

It can be used also on narrow areas such as borders, flowerbeds, less exploited grounds and road beds.