Pre-seeded lawn VIRESCO and VIRMAT

The Virens seeded mats: in only one product erosion control and optimal seeding.
Discover the four products studied for every application: erosion control (even on extreme slopes), gardening and horticulture.

The range of pre-seeded mats

Viresco Sator
Erosion Control Blankets
100% biodegradable, erosion control + greening
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Viresco Pratens
Seeded Mat Gardening
100% biodegradable, perfect lawn
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geo-mat + pre-sowed bio-textile
extreme slopes greening
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rotoloVirmat L
Geomat + pre-sowed bio-textile
strong slopes greening
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Viresco Olusseed mat for horticulture
100% biodegradable, optimal growth and yield
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New solutions for surface grass covering and stabilisation

viresco virmat

VIRESCO: biodegradable erosion control blanket. A brand new perspective to the grass surface establishment techniques on any kind of terrain, guaranteeing very good results also on steep slopes!

VIRMAT gives you a perfect grass covering and an extremely high erosion control standard even on steeply inclined terrains!

Why choose VIRESCO and VIRMAT erosion control mattings?

The groundbreaking erosion control fabrics for soil bio-engineering give you several advantages:

  • immediate regulation of the erosion events
  • excellent aesthetic effect given by the natural green colour
  • precise seeds, fertilizer and soil conditioners distribution
  • customised mixtures
  • easy and fast installation (no need of specialised manpower)
  • no need for additional bio-nets saving money
  • facilitated plant growth, don’t obstacolate fauna

The result: the highest level of germination and an uniform growth for a luxuriant and resistant lawn which will protect the soil over the time.