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technical cookies,  used to provide better service and browsing experience of this site.

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Google’s privacy policy is available at:

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These cookies are used by third parties in order to present advertising banners of Viresco on sites other than his own. While browsing this site, these cookies can be used to show products that may interesting or similar to those already watched, based on your browsing history. The use of these cookies does not involve the processing of personal data, but allows the connection to your computer or other devices and track the stored data: these cookies connect to the browser installed on your computer or other devices used during navigation on our site.

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The user’s navigation history, recorded by cookies, helps the activation of ads Remarketing. For more information on Google’s Remarketing you can visit this page.
Users can disable the storage of google cookies from your browser by following the instructions on these pages:
Principles Google Privacy Rules
Decommissioning of Behavioral Advertising Rules
Ads Preference Manager

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