Bank erosion and Bank Stabilization

Bank erosion is a dynamic and natural process as rivers meander across their floodplains. However, human influence through catchment development, stream regulation, removal of large wood, and clearing of riparian vegetation, can greatly increase the risk of bank erosion, sometimes to critical levels.

river bank erosionRiver bank erosion leads to loss of valuable land, reduced water quality as sediment and nutrients enter the stream, as well as threatening infrastructure such as roads, bridges and buildings.

The geotextiles Viresco and Virmat  are useful techniques for bank stabilisation and the control of river bank erosion.

Viresco and Virmat work as a anti-erosion coating against the action of currents and provide immediate and long-lasting protection of river banks and embankments.

Viresco and Virmat contain high quality seeds and fertilizers. They protect the river banks from installation and give a perfect grass covering in few weeks.

The pre-sown biomats are mainly used in the protection of channels and construction of hydraulic works, for the restoration of eco-environment in natural or artificial watercourses or other hydraulic structures (streams, rivers, drainage canals, basins, dams and earth dams, wetlands).

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