Soil bio-engineering


Soil bio-engineering

The term soil bio-engineering refers to the use of techniques and materials of environmental protection and erosion control, totally or partially natural and which have as their final result the revegetation of the site object of the intervention. They are used on escarpments and embankments of all types, landfill reclamation, recovery of quarries and in all those situations in which the need for safety is associated with the need for a greenery restoration.

VIRESCO pre-seeded biotextiles are erosion control products used in soil bio-engineering works.

Since they are biodegradable, their permanence for protective purposes is ensured only for the time necessary for the sprouting and settlement of the plants contained therein. Subsequently, they completely biodegrade without leaving any residue and enriching the soil with herbal substance. They allow a perfect integration of an erosion control material in a natural environment, in an ecological, technically effective and aesthetically pleasing way. Materials usually employed in soil bio-engineering include biotextiles, biofelts, biomats, three-dimensional geomats and geocomposite materials. The peculiarity of the products of the Virens range is that they are all pre-seeded therefore showing an immediate vegetal result.

Virens biotextiles can be “reinforced” with geomats and other erosion control materials in order to increase the protective and mechanical strength capabilities and consequently the surface stabilization results, again with the grass covering of the cortical part. VIRMAT three-dimensional geomats therefore consist of VIRESCO biotextile combined with highly resistant synthetic geomats that feature a high void ratio for perfect plant sprouting and development. VIRENS products are therefore an effective extension of the ones routinely used in soil bio-engineering works, precisely because of their ability to restore grass covering and vegetation to terrains in critical conditions where the insertion and permanence of vegetation is particularly problematic.


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