Road construction


Road Construction

In the field of road construction, escarpments, embankments, trench edges, terrains overlying galleries, bridges, viaducts, require revegetation in order to achieve ecological stabilisation and compensation.
Such measures must be carried out with due regard for biodiversity and for the infrastructure functionality.

The application of our VIRESCO, VIRMAT, VIRMAT L pre-seeded textiles, thanks to their low weight, is simple and quick and does not require specialized personnel.

The VIRESCO Sator pre-seeded biotextile, the VIRMAT and VIRMAT L pre-seeded geomats, perfectly respond to the demands of road construction engineering and soil bio-engineering. Thanks to the completely natural origin of the biotextiles, with the application of the Virens pre-seeded textiles, the environmental impact is practically non-existent. Our biotextiles and geomats also fulfil not only aesthetic regrassing needs but also the protection ones. In particular, VIRMAT and VIRMAT L pre-seeded geomats play an environmental requalification role and serve as a major protection against the erosion of soils with a slope of more than 45°, thanks to their three-dimensional structure of considerable strength, durability and toughness.

The VIRESCO Sator biotextiles and the VIRMAT and VIRMAT L geomats, find their perfect application on stable or erosion-prone escarpments, reinforced soils for the stabilisation of tunnel portals, ecological compensation interventions. The herbaceous species selected for our pre-seeded textiles are the most suitable to combat soil erosion; our seed mixtures are specially designed for every type of habitat, climatic conditions and soil pedological characteristics, and are designed to require the least possible maintenance.

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