Reinforced Earth / Slopes


Mechanically stabilised and reinforced earth slopes against soil erosion

Slope stabilisation is related to counteracting soil erosion. For maintaining a good vegetation cover on reinforced soils, Viresco biomats are the best solution.
Mechanically stabilised soils are effective geotechnics techniques for containing or stabilising escarpments: today they are a more environmentally friendly alternative to reinforced concrete walls.
In particular, reinforced soils greened with the Viresco® system integrate harmoniously with the surrounding environment, even in difficult landscape situations.

Strengths of the system when used for reinforced soils

Viresco® biomats are often used for reinforced soil construction and are characterised by their ease of installation:
they are practical and lightweight, so they can be easily installed even on very steep surfaces.

Even on steep slopes, the Viresco® biotextile retains seeds and fertilisers in its weft, protecting them from adverse weather conditions and thus preventing the phenomena of thin ground particle wash-out and soil erosion.
All this with lower costs and simplified installation, ensuring improved landscaping and grass covering of walls.

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