Landfills and quarries cover


Landfill and quarry covering

In the capping of landfills, Virens pre-seeded textiles (VIRESCO Sator biotextile, Virmat and Virmat L geomats) play a key role in protecting the soil from wash-out and in renaturation.

They guarantee magnificent regrassing, consistent with the floristic and landscape context, and restore degraded and inhospitable places to an aesthetically pleasing condition together with a solid defence against even the most violent atmospheric agents.

Our biotextiles and biomats are of totally natural origin and completely biodegradable, with no environmental impact. They even improve the soil thanks to the residues of cellulose that, while decomposing, offer elements beneficial to the soil.

Thanks to Virens biomats and geomats, a new healthy, safe, green and eco-friendly environment will be recreated.

In the most difficult coverings, Virmat, the three-dimensional pre-seeded erosion control geomats, guarantee additional resistance because, in addition to the pre-seeded biofelt and the plant roots originating from it, they have a multilayer (three layers) structure that increases the ability to retain the covering soil and their tensile strength is 6-7 times higher than other geomats of the same thickness with a lower aeric mass. This results in increased erosion control and soil protection.


Once fixed to the ground with the appropriate anchoring pegs and stakes, Virens pre-seeded mats offer magnificent regrassing and the full achievement of the objectives of environmental restoration of degraded sites and their return to birdlife, wild flora and the population itself.