Hydraulic structures


Hydraulic structures

Proper planning, construction and maintenance of waterways and in particular of their banks are activities of fundamental importance for the prevention of hydraulic risks to which housing and agricultural settlements, production sites, infrastructures or simply areas of environmental and landscape interest can be subjected. 

All our solutions for the surface protection of waterway banks

The provision of adequate expansion boxes and detention basins is an important element for risk prevention, such as the building, in the closest areas, of minor constructions and infrastructures of suitable strength. However, an equally appropriate care in the design and construction of the bank protections, adequately arranged to face erosive risks, superficial at first, but which can subsequently become deep erosions capable of triggering serious flooding events, cannot be neglected. For the surface protection of the waterway banks, whether they are simple artificial reservoirs built for recreational purposes or longitudinal or transverse embankments of canals and rivers, our Virmat pre-seeded erosion control geomats and geomeshes are materials that, even in their practicality of use and affordability, have shown great usefulness and effectiveness.

Viresco Sator, the biodegradable erosion control pre-seeded biomat, used in situations in which the water flow is reduced in terms of flow rate and speed (ponds, drainage canals, etc.), is itself an extremely high-performance product. With regard to all materials, however, the aesthetic result is always of a very high level, thanks to a bank and shore regrassing made in respect both of the landscape background and protection restrictions and also of the strength and natural aspect of the settled plant species. The same varieties used are also chosen in order to reduce as much as possible the maintenance requirements by selecting those with lower growth habit and using natural fertilizers to limit to the minimum also the environmental impact and the water eutrophication.

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