VIRESCO Olus is a pre-sown biotextile designed for horticulture and particularly appreciated because it avoids the use of chemical herbicides.
A more environmentally friendly agriculture is now a goal of all cultivation practices, and obviously a necessity in organic farming.

VIRESCO® is admitted in Biological Agriculture (verified by the Italian Organic Agriculture Association)

VIRESCO Olus is a totally natural and fully biodegradable product;
a safe control against the weeds;
a precision sowing, practical and fast, where the seed distribution is optimal and the exploitation of the available terrain is the best one giving larger outputs;
sowing and mulching performed at the same time;
increased germinative power;
during the cultivation period, it saves you a lot of work for cleaning during and after;
crops sound and free by parasites, pathogens, bugs and birds;
clean plants with less soil residue;
excellent conservation of the underlying soil;
production regularity.

Very light and easy to use, simply unroll it on the ground prepared for sowing and irrigate regularly to obtain excellent crops.
VIRESCO® is regularly used especially for all the reaping crops:
basil, chard, chicory, lettuce, mixed lettuce greens, parsley, spinach, garden rocket, valerian, but also for carrot, leek, turnip, radish and all the aromatic herbs.

With VIRESCO® the farm achieves better productivity, simplifying organizational problems and decreasing the possibility of unexpected and production failures.

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The new frontier of soil bio-engineering!
Thanks to Virens patents you will be able to respond effectively and professionally
to the needs of each individual context, public or private:


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