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Golf course grass coverings

Golf is the sport in which the needs of high-quality grass carpets are greater and in golf courses Viresco is certainly receiving great attention and offers great advantages for several reasons. First of all, its practicality of use is the one that makes it easy to lay down the product in all situations. Then the customization of the required seed mixtures. 

VIRENS products are a real plus for the construction, management and maintenance of golf courses. 

The most diverse species are used with VIRESCO in golf courses, from bentgrass for greens and tees, to ryegrass, fescue and smooth meadow-grass varieties for fairways.
The most different formulations are used for coastal courses in marine or high ground mountain environments and also in continental, temperate and Mediterranean climates, up to the biotextile customization for tropical and sub-tropical fields, with the use of Bermuda grass (Cynodon), Bahiagrass (Paspalum), Fountain grass (Pennisetum), Stenotaphrum and many other possible solutions and varieties.
In addition to this, VIRESCO, being a sort of enveloping fleece, protects against rain, wind, insects and guarantees the seed and fertilizer covering by acting as a moisture regulator and incubator for better germination.
Once the lawn has completed the germination phase it is important to allow it to settle and thicken without competing weeds.

The mulching function performed by VIRESCO is ideal for this purpose because it allows the lawn to complete the most delicate growth phases and then dissolve due to a natural biodegradation, without leaving chemical or physical residues, giving back to the environment a natural grass carpet without the use of chemical products.
But first and foremost, VIRESCO is appreciated because it is able to sow effectively in all conditions, from flat areas to greens, from teeing grounds to wavy fairways. And then there are the bunker banks where the simplicity and effectiveness of VIRESCO, together with the possibility to differentiate cultivars according to special needs, even the chromatic ones, make it an unbeatable product.
Finally, we cannot overlook the usefulness of VIRESCO in the landscape context in which the golf course is set. From the surrounding meadows to hillsides, slopes, pond banks and the most varied landscape situations where not only VIRESCO but also VIRMAT and VIRMAT L geomats may be needed for the best aesthetic and protective solutions.

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