Getting a lush lawn requires time and work. You need to get the tools and material you need and be patient to take care of all the preparation steps. The soil often does not look at its best, it must be tilled, then the seeds need to be distributed in the appropriate quantity and evenly, supplemented by the right amount of fertilizer.
You have to water frequently and if you miss a step or if the seeds are taken away from heavy rain or birds, the result could be very disappointing.

Thanks to Viresco a stylish garden is within reach of everyone, with no time or effort required.





Coming to our aid now, however, is VIRESCO Pratens, our biodegradable pre-seeded biotextile. It is sufficient to prepare the soil, unroll the textile and water. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore, the right amount of seeds and fertilizer is already included, evenly distributed and firmly kept inside in all situations. The seeds are enclosed in the weft of the textile, protected from rain and from strong irrigation, birds and insects.
VIRESCO Pratens is offered with grass carpet and flowery meadow seeds and guarantees excellent results even in difficult areas, making it the favourite hobbyist product for creating a lawn even of considerable dimensions, with little effort and much satisfaction.

The biotextile, featuring a pale green colour, is completely biodegradable in 3-4 months and what remains, once the protective fleece has disappeared, is only a lush grass carpet. It can be easily shaped at will, using simple domestic scissors, by creating even the most curious geometric patterns. The biotextile also protects the soil from wash-out until the vegetation has settled, improving the hygiene of the home and avoiding soil loss. The choice of seeds is always based on the user’s needs by making a selection from the best varieties on the market. Therefore, thanks to VIRESCO, every type of grass carpet can be obtained: from a recreational and sunny lawn to a roof garden or a flowery meadow, etc.

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