Building Industry


Building industry

A beautiful lawn and a natural, vegetal environment represent the perfect complement of an advanced architectural project: whether it is a new construction or a renovation work, the building will be more valued if surrounded and immersed in green areas, exploitable by the residents thanks to special recreational spaces or just aimed to ensure an ecological effect and the mitigation of air pollution and dust.

Once you have designed your project, VIRESCO biotextiles and VIRMAT geomats are ready to meet the most diverse requirements.

A visual and acoustic separation filter which isolates people from sources of disturbance, from other neighbouring urbanized areas or roads and traffic routes, resulting in greater comfort and lower stress levels.  A reduction of pollutants and an oxygen release at the expense of carbon dioxide. A protection of the soil from raging weather phenomena with improved water absorption and a defence from stronger water flows. Virens products are regularly used in such projects and in particular Viresco is regularly used in green-building and bio-engineering, not only for the areas surrounding the buildings, but on the buildings themselves, in the roof gardens, above roofs or terraces or garages, or on walls in vertical greenery installations.


Endless solutions envisioned by the greenery installations creativity: flowerbeds, flat meadows, grass carpets, sloping lawns, flowered meadows, roof gardens, English-style grass lawns, vertical gardens. Once the project has been conceived, VIRESCO biotextiles and VIRMAT geomats are ready to meet the most diverse needs. The application of our products is easy and fast and does not require skilled manpower. The products are ready with seeds of the most suitable species, already fertilised. You just need to water regularly and after a few weeks the lawn will be fully settled. The seed mixtures used are developed for all habitat types, climatic conditions and soil pedological characteristics and are designed to require the least maintenance possible, ensuring an excellent result. If the surrounding buildings also call for the provision of security in particular areas, then Virens pre-seeded erosion control mats are ideal for combining ornamental needs with soil protection.