Main applications

Thanks to the ground-breaking features and functions of the VIRESCO’s products,
aimed to the surface regrassing and slope protection, they can be applied in different situations and conditions,
representing the ideal, and so far unimaginable, solution.

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Virens Image Slider Soil bio-engineering
Virens Image Slider Road construction
Virens Image Slider Landfills and quarries cover
Virens Image Slider Reinforced Soil Slopes
Virens Image Slider Hydraulic works
Virens Image Slider Building Industry
Virens Image Slider Golf courses
Virens Image Slider Gardening
Virens Image Slider Horticulture

Our products:


VIRESCO pre-seeded biomats
and VIRMAT pre-seeded geomats

Viresco® pre-seeded biotextile: easy sowing of grass surface and immediate erosion control, horticultural crops.
The use of Viresco® biomat guarantees excellent results in terms of vegetation cover with considerable advantages for the treated soil:

  • the soil is protected from the erosive action of atmospheric agents;
  • seeds and fertilisers do not remain exposed to wash-out events caused by rain, irrigation and wind;
  • surface run-off is eliminated by the protective action and adherence of the biomat;
  • the water retention of the biomat promotes soil moisture, creating the ideal situation for seed germination;
  • biomat at an advantageous price;
  • soil fertilisation increases as a result of the degradation of the natural fibres of the biomat;
  • protection from wild herbs.

Viresco® biotextiles and Virmat geomats represent the evolution of traditional biomats and geomats.
They are pre-seeded and are an indispensable tool in all regrassing operations aimed at environmental protection and restoration, in landscaping architecture and for all crops.
They are light, elastic and easy to place, do not require specialised manpower and adapt to any surface.
Biodegradable materials are used in their production, and they contain, in the right quantity, high-quality seeds and fertiliser. All of this makes Viresco and Virmat the best pre-seeded products on the market.
Within the pre-seeded felts, the seeds sprout and grow well protected; when the grass carpet reaches full development, the weft of these pre-seeded biotextiles dissolves naturally.
The biomat is advantageously priced thanks to Viresco®’s commercial policies.
The laying of the pre-seeded mat on sloping terrain is possible thanks to the fixing of the mat with pegs to ensure stability and adherence.


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