Advantages Virmat


Advantages VIRMAT: Reinforced anti-erosion pre-sown geomat

An enduring erosion control and a perfect slope vegetalization
are just two features of the VIRMAT pre-seeded geomat
working together to guarantee a superb aesthetic and technical result.

VIRMAT provides you with the following advantages:

  • An immediate regulation of the superficial erosion events that keeps on improving thanks to the resultant association between the roots and the geomat;
  • It is suitable also for very steep scarps subjected to superficial detachment events;
  • It can be used on dry scarps or scarps composed of loose or friable soil;
  • Suitable for waterway banks with water flows up to 5 m/s;
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents and to rainwater flows;
  • Easy and fast installation with no need of specialised manpower or special means;
  • VIRMAT geomats can be laid down on terrains up to 70° of inclination;
  • Erosion control and soil sowing all in a single stage with no need of further sowings before or after the laying procedure;
  • The plants can put down roots and grow uniformly and regularly;
  • When filled with soil, the VIRMAT geomat guarantees perfect grass covering with few or zero irrigations;
  • Unlike other monofilament products which are subjected to crushing, VIRMAT geomat maintains its effectiveness even after having being filled with soil;
  • High tensile strength;
  • It is not affected by the corrosion unlike products made of metallic material;
  • VIRMAT has a multilayer structure (three) that confers greater resistance than the geomats produced by tangling the filaments, thanks to the dense central pleating which limits the deformability of the product and it better increases the ability to retain the clogging soil;
  • VIRMAT, thanks to its structure, has a tensile strength of 6-7 times higher than other geo-mats of equal thickness.

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